Text: About us | Otra-Vista, founded in 2002 by F. Farias, B. Lignel and J. Miller, presents: The Online Store

Eight years after Federico Farias, Baptiste Lignel and Johnny Miller launched Otra Vista, the website has evolved to become Baptiste Lignel’s main platform of presentation, still opened to collaborations with other authors. The website has now expanded to include a web-store where you can find all the things produced by the photographers (including postcard, their books and, of course, collectors’ prints. There’s even a rumor about a pornographic calendar…).
Prices range from very little to a little bit more (from 5€ for a stack of 5 postcards to 300€ for a limited-edition book with original, signed and numbered prints).  There’s something for everyone’s taste and budget.

Baptiste Lignel | baptiste@otra-vista.com | +33 666 26 18 67